I grew up in a small town on Long Island, shaped and guided by a large and strong family. In fact, everything I have become has always been because of them. Today, I am a fifth-year architecture student at Carnegie Mellon University. I am very passionate about all that I do and always become heavily involved in what I love. I love to drive, get behind the wheel and hit the road. Often that road leads me to the beach. Other times it takes me to a baseball field, a golf course, or even a concert. I've played the Euphonium and Trombone in all-county bands, solo performances, pit orchestras, and jazz bands for about 10 years. I've studied Spanish for over 7 years to connect more with my Puerto Rican family. This past summer I even started my own auto detailing business, CARchitecture Auto Detailing.

I was that kid who knew when he was 11 years old that he wanted to be an architect. Dad was a carpenter and so I grew to love building and making. Mom inspired me to be creative and so I grew to love drawing. Architecture School has combined those passions for me and has continuously put them to the challenge. I have completed a number of projects in studio and have worked hands-on in construction to expand my passion and insight. I have definitely learned much of the role of the architect, and as I continue to grow intellectually, it has pushed me to become the architect of my own life. With both hard work and dedication, I have received a Bachelor of Architecture in less than 5 years (as of December 2017), and am currently pursuing a Master of Science in Architecture-Engineering-Construction Management by the end of this year, December 2018. Ultimately, my goal is to begin a career in sustainable development, architecture, and leadership. I do what I love, and love what I do. That's why I never go a day without smiling.

"The harder the accleration, the bigger the smile."

Relevant coursework

Analog Drawing | Focused on hand drafting techniques through the replication of a preexisting building in Milan (see Casa Figini).

Building Physics |  Evaluated efficient thermal and lighting performance of the previously studied building through computer software and proposed changes based on current standards to improve its overall efficiency.

Digital Media | Hands-on software lab for learning architectural programs, digital rendering, and animation.

Descriptive Geometry | Solved architectural problems purely through geometric constructions and drawing tools.

Context | Analyzed local urban settings and places for their spatial qualities and social success.

Materials + Assembly | Studied building codes to understand structural elements, construction assemblies, and safety requirements through CAD and 3D modeling.

Human Factors | Researched and collected data from a newly constructed campus building to quantify its university-wide success as a unique learning and study environment for students of all majors.

[Structures + Statics] Exploring and investigating advanced construction methods, structural performance, and the role of the architect as an engineer.

[Environment I: Climate & Energy] Analyzing building performance for sustainable energy use and studying material properties and designs to capitalize on complete energy efficiency.

Fun Fact

I can identify any automobile by name without looking at its badges or logos.