it's an art.

CARchitecture Auto Detailing is a business that I began the summer after my second year of college at Carnegie Mellon University. I always had a passion for detailing my family's cars and was always a way for me to relax and unwind. After researching and training in advanced detailing techniques, I became certified in the state of Pennsylvania as an Auto Detailing Technician, and utilized it to begin my own business at home on Long Island, NY in the summers. It's a great way to cover my college expenses while taking some time to relax and destress after a challenging semester at school.

The detailing process begins with a deep cleaning of all the cracks and crevices inside and outside of your car that are typically always missed by the car wash. Then, depending on your need and the vehicles need, I will begin to add treatments for carpet stains, imperfections in the paint, or fogged-up headlights to renew its original appeal. Finally, it always ends with a bright wax and shine to both protect your vehicle and give it that extra boost of attention.

So let’s face it. Your car, truck, van, or your SUV is an investment you made to transport you and to keep you and your family safe. I was specially trained in paint correction by Detail King in Pittsburgh, PA to properly restore the look of your vehicle to showroom perfection. Paint correction is a very intricate process that removes all the micro-imperfections in your vehicle’s clearcoat that hinder it’s beautiful appearance—swirl marks, oxidation, light scratches—by smoothing it out with a high-end line of compounding products and buffing tools. Check out my new Flex Dual-Action Buffer (made in Germany) that does all of this in a quick and safe fashion. Lastly, check out these detailing packages below to see how I can help you get your vehicle looking like brand new.

Detailing done by an architect with an eye for details.